Soul Gardening

24 May

Ahhhhhhhh.  The wind has “relaxed” according to our TV weather guy.  The sun came out.  You can see the Mesa from our house for the first time in days.  After dinner (Monday night is pizza night!), I went out to water the plants still in the greenhouse, and assess the wind damage from the last four days.  Those little plants are not much worse for the wear!  I planted a new tomatillo where the wind broke one off, and may need to re-plant a couple of Roma tomatoes.  Aside from that and a few broken leaves on the squash, the garden seems happy.

I went around visiting each little group of plants, talking to them and telling them how wonderful they are to have survived outside in wind that picked up a piece of plywood and tossed it to the back of the property.  I poked around a bit in the radishes to check their size and found some ready to pick!  I picked black-seeded Simpson lettuce, arugula, spinach and an onion to go with them–“House Salad” for lunch tomorrow!  What a lovely bouquet the radishes make, what an earthy still life they make with the greens. 

Just this wee bit of time in the garden has quieted my wind-borne demons.  A garden connects your soul to the earth, nourishing spiritually as much as it will nutritionally.  Everyone needs someplace to reconnect to themselves; a place to be present.  Worries will still pop up every now and then.  I’m lucky to have a place where I can set them aside.


2 Responses to “Soul Gardening”

  1. chris June 7, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    OK. Here is my Dumb-Ass City-Dweller question: Did your radish come out of the ground THAT CLEAN? or did you have to wash them in water first?
    Forgive me. I know not.

    • secondcupofcoffee June 7, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

      The first pic with just my hand and the radishes was fresh out of the ground–I’m growing them in a pot. I just shook them off a bit and arranged them for their “close-up”. : ) They were washed in the second pic. Still picking radishes–they’ll bolt (flower) soon though. They get woody textured when they bolt–bleh. Hoping to get a few radish sandwiches this week (just bread, butter, radish slices, salt and pepper–nom!)Thanks for cruisin’ my blog! ❤

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