Mary, Mary, quite contrary…..

28 Jul

Wow does summer get busy!  We’ve been to Deming to visit the ‘rents, been to Denver visiting friends–a weekend of “chill and swill”, been to Carbondale for the Mountain Fest, working hard to save our favorite coffee shop from going under, and of course, gardening.

Gardening in our area is what I call commando gardening.  It’s just sooo hot and dry and windy sometimes, that the garden growing at all seems miraculous.  But at this point, we’re already harvesting the rewards that come from picking off squashbugs and hornworms, and watering and trussing and fertilizing.  So, how DOES my garden grow?  Have a look:

Tomatoes and corn taller than me, squash, strawberries and cucumbers spilling out of their beds.  Wanna see some of the harvest?

What to do with this bounty?  Here’s one idea:  Heirloom tomato caprese salad–the yellow/orange tomatoes are “Valencia”, the green are “Green Zebra” , the dark purple-red are “Black Krim” and the red are “Husky Red” (not an heirloom).

Having fresh veggies is just one of the perks of gardening.  I was talking to a friend today who said that their garden is his wife’s “therapy”.  So true.  No matter the weather, the task or the icky pest being squished, being in the garden is so soothing.  It’s like that “ahhhhhh” moment that happens with the first sip of a great cup of coffee or glass of wine.  I’m looking forward to canning season, and being able to enjoy the harvest all winter long.  Ahhhhh…..


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