A fresh cuppa

30 Jul

So.  Just when I thought I was retired…..well, technically, I am still….I find myself starting a new job.  Really, the perfect new job–barista!  AND, even more perfect–barista at my favorite coffee shop–The Coffee Studio

So, all the times I’ve been in the shop and ordered whatever my little heart desired and had it served up in a super speedy way, I never knew ALL the steps to creating that perfect cuppa.  Yup, I’m learning A. LOT. 

Like what makes a perfectly pulled shot of espresso.  The subtle nuances of a single origin coffee as opposed to the balance of a blend.  The differences between such (exotic to me) things as Americano, depth charge, steamer.  The real difference between a latte and a cappucino.  Lots and lots to remember, but great people to work for and a fun place to be….even at 6:45 (!) in the morning…….yeah, even then.  Hoping this old dog can learn the new tricks fast enough to not piss off any customers.  I’ve added the Desert Sun Roasters (one of the roasters that supplies the Studio) coffee talk blog, slurp, to my blog roll.  Lots of great coffee factoids for the curious and those who take their cuppa seriously!  Check it out!

I’m a bit apprehensive about mastering this barista thing quickly enough, but keeping my mind this busy (and caffeinated!) has to be a good thing.  No sitting around on the couch while my coffee gets cold for me!  I’m off to get a fresh cuppa!

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