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Yes I Can!

8 Aug

It’s official!  The start of canning season.  The “Sumter” cukes have been very, very happy and have showered us with short, squatty, mildly flavored cucumbers.  Yesterday morning I went out to the garden to get green onions for breakfast and found a “moby-cuke” that had been hiding under its thicket of leaves; I knew it was pickle time!  Here’s the stack of 28–after moby joined the others from the week…way too many to just peel and eat:

After picking dill and jalepenos, peeling garlic cloves, making a brine, washing jars and cukes, cutting the ends off the cukes and slicing them into spears and packing jars with the cukes, dill, garlic and brine, placing lids and processing for 20 minutes each batch–whew–I ended up with 10 quarts of kosher dills! 

The garden has been LOVING the last two weeks of “monsoonal moisure” and has been really bringin’ it on!  The tomato plants are now over 6 feet tall.  One of them produced this amazing Belgian Giant heirloom tomato:

It was just so huge, I had to take it into the house and weigh it–13 ounces!

We sliced it onto hamburgers along with a red onion from the garden.  Nom nom nom!!!   Zucchinis have been doing what zucchinis do, resulting in 2 loaves of zucchini bread this weekend too.  It’s like living with a farmer’s market right outside the back door!