Finding my voice

19 Jan

This week I started a second blog, Somethin’ Yummy.  I love to cook, I love food, I tend to post about food and cooking on Facebook, and friends suggested I share recipes…soooo, a food-themed blog seemed like a great plan!  WordPress made it super easy and so far, I’m really enjoying sharing recipes and food thoughts.  The librarian in me is enjoying a bit of research for hyperlinks, the writer in me is enjoying crafting sentences with my audience and clarity in mind, and the foodie in me is just in heaven! 

My head is swimming with ideas–I had to start a brainstorming document to help me keep track.  I’m becoming obsessed with taking pictures of everything I cook at every step in the process.  My poor Blackberry has been subjected to a bit of flour and doughy fingers, alas.  This morning, a friend who created Discover The Grand Valley posted my blog on their Facebook!  So fun!!!  I’m hearing from lots of friends in comments on the blog and comments on Facebook; some have even subscribed to Somethin’ Yummy! *Hugs and Kisses*  : )

I’m not abandoning this blog.  I have the need, it seems, to babble away on topics other than food.  This blog is the perfect venue for that; miscellaneous musings and all….   Meanwhile, my second blog is feeling like a particularly yummy second cup of coffee!


2 Responses to “Finding my voice”

  1. Croneandbearit January 20, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    Hi swee’pea – heading over to check out new blog – always in need of yummy food – Devoted Spouse getting tired of Mean Cuisine lol 😉

    • secondcupofcoffee January 20, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

      Thanks for visiting both of my little blogs. I hope you’ll find somethin’ yummy! : )

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