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Spiced with Love

9 Jan

Everyday home cooking is usually a job for one.  I am that one.  She who chops and cooks and makes a mess and then cleans up.  I don’t mind, because I love to cook.  Last night, Michael was in the mood for pizza and joined in the preparation.  Just a simple vegan pizza with a naan bread crust, but so much better for the wine shared and the joint effort to create it.  It reminded me of our dating years when we often made meals together, drinking wine and laughing.  I’m grateful for a hubby who is comfortable in the kitchen.


Food made with a loved one always tastes better.

The Colors of January

8 Jan

Spring has tulips and cherry blossoms, Summer has sunflowers and petunias, Fall has goldenredburgundy leaves.  And winter?  Christmasy reds and greens, crystalline white snow and crisp blue skies.

Every January, I clear my house of the cozy green and red of Christmas and replace it with crisp and clean blue and white.  Always displayed on my hutch, is the bridal “china” my Mom insisted I have.  I had my choice of patterns (within monetary reason) and selected one that sang to my Scandinavian side.  One that my Danish Great-Aunt would have loved.  It’s a stoneware rather than china; far more practical and definitely used more often because of it.  Made by Franciscan, the pattern is called Denmark.  I’m so grateful for this reminder of Mom and my heritage.


The fresh colors of January.


A Bit of Green

7 Jan

It’s a cold, gray day here in Western Colorado.  The kind of day that has me jonesin’ for the first bit of warmth riding in on the wind.  That little breath of hope serenaded by meadowlarks and celebrated with little bits of green pushing up from thawing earth.  On days like this, I’m grateful for seeds and the plants they become.  I’m grateful they continue to grow inside while the world outside freezes.

Do you remember those childhood science experiments of growing  the “trash” parts of plants?   Like carrots and sweet potatoes and such?  I’m forever trying to grow an avocado tree.  This time it finally worked!  A seed suspended in water actually sprouted roots, a stem and finally a spray of leaves.


A bit of green.

Finding Summer, Finding Neverland

25 Jun

Every spring and summer, I work at a greenhouse owned by friends of mine.  On my way to work today, I realized it was really, really summer.  I could smell someone grilling.  A few puffy clouds floated in a light blue sky. Kids walked along a sidewalk, laughing and wearing shorts and tank tops. I heard sprinklers and lawn mowers, along with the smell of freshly mowed grass.  Trees are fully leafed out, flowers blooming.

lightning bug

This sensory input triggered summer memories from my childhood: lightning bugs, s’mores, camping, making little dolls from hollyhock blooms.  Lemonade, the chlorine smell of a pool, birthday parties at “The Lagoon;” complete with the creosote smell of the timbers used to create a Robinson Crusoe camp on the river island connected by a footbridge to The Lagoon.  Neighborhood moms in capris, sleeveless blouses and cat-eye sunglasses.  Playing outside until dark and sleeping covered only in crisp, cool sheets and short seersucker jammies while crickets sang.

I love how the brain stores information.  How the sound of a sprinkler and the smell of freshly cut lawns can transport me back in time and bring my childish, sunburned face back into clear focus.  A Neverland of sorts.  The place in my head where I’m still the carefree little person who laid in the grass and decided what animals the clouds looked like.

At a time in my life where I often feel the need to write things down, lest I forget to do something, it’s lovely to have memories vivid enough to bring a smile and a contented sigh.  As I write them now, even more images are pushing at the corners of my mind, each sending a connection to another and another.  Neverland indeed.  First star to the right and straight on til morning.

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