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Two boxes, a Tribble and a Triumph

17 May

 Lots of stuff sorted, some tossed, some recycled, some packed.  Two boxes of my teaching/librarian life came home with me today.  Some of the little trinket-y things will make my home desk more familiar.  Books will find a home on the shelves of our loft library.  This is starting to feel not so bad.  Things that have been a part of me for only 191 days a year will now be here with me 365.  I’m kinda likin’ this!  I’m thinking I’ll be OK.  My school family won’t be here, but reminders of them will.

In my sorting, I came across something that will tell you if you’re as old as me: a Tribble.  Remember the old Star Trek–the one with Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scotty?  I watched it growing up and then every day in reruns on the TV in the student lounge of ASC–it came on the hour before the cafeteria opened for dinner.  Are ya with me?!  “The Trouble with Tribbles?!”  The one where the Starship Enterprise becomes infested with Tribbles–brought on board after a shore leave as comforting, harmless little pets.  Tribbles are sort of ovoid, furry, fit nicely into your hand and coo when stroked.  But then they do the wild Tribble thing, and the ship is overrun.  Earlier in the show you find out that Tribbles hate Klingons, and this becomes the day-saver.  A surgically altered Klingon has come on board to do some evil and is undiscovered–until a Tribble goes nuts when he walks by!  So.  I had a Tribble.  Furry.  Ovoid.  Strangely comforting to pet.  AND–if you squeezed it it made the Tribble alert noise (hehehe!).  The Tribble now lives with the rest of my Star Trek/Star Wars toys in the room of a fellow Jean Luc Picard lover (swoon!).  One of the harder things I’ve given up for some reason.

And now, the Triumph.  Not me.  Mr. 15(!) is now the proud carrier of his driver’s permit!  Woot!  He was pleased enough to text me!  We’ve decided to celebrate by toasting each other with our own personal pints of Ben and Jerry’s:  Karmal Sutra for Mr. 15, Americone Dream for DH, and Coffee HeathBar Crunch for me: Ching!  To the newest driver in the family!  May he help with driving duties on the long summer road trip to New Mexico, Arizona and Californ-i-aaaa!  I’m very happy for him and hoping to NOT stress him out by showing my stress over the common skill set of a new driver.  I’m very lucky in that he is cautious by nature– a good quality in any driver.  More to look forward to in the days to come.  My end is becoming a new beginning!