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Miss Brooks Loves Books

13 May

Yesterday, the fabulous staff and administration of my school threw a retirement party for the five of us retiring.  Each of us received a basket of goodies selected especially for us.  The goodie in my basket that touched my heart was this book.  Miss Brooks really loves books and makes it her mission to help kids love books as much a she does.  She dresses up in costumes and reads to her kids.  A lot.  A situation particularly “vexing” to reluctant reader Missy.  When Miss Brooks assigns each kid to dress in a costume and share a book they love, Missy still can’t find a book to love; dismissing her classmates’ books as “Too flowery, too furry, too clickety, too yippity.”  Of course, Miss Brooks doesn’t give up, and neither does Missy’s mom.  Will Missy find a book to love?  I’ll bet you know the answer to that, but you’ll need to read this book to find out the connection that turns Missy into a reader.  I LOVED this book.  It brought a tear to my eye.  Thanks, Terrie!  You found the perfect book for me!  Read more and have a look inside this book at Amazon.  (Image above from the Amazon site)

Letting go….

11 May

Who knew letting go would be so hard?  Letting go of control over the library I’ve helped to mold into a welcoming, comfortable environment for learning and creativity.  Letting go of daily encounters with a staff that has become like family.  Letting go of the professional me.   When I’m in my library, I feel smart.  I feel needed.  I feel valued.  Some days, I even feel like “super librarian.”  Who will I be June 2nd?  Someone who used to be a librarian?   What IS that?   Will my connection to my professional self become like the soft frayed fabric of my jeans; closer to completely tearing with every wash, a hole where the knee used to be? 

I’ll miss professional me, but I’ll miss my “family” the most.  They are passionate–about their jobs, their kids, each other.  I have been so lucky to be a part of them.  Leaving them is leaving a hole in my heart.  I refuse to completely let go of them and really, I suppose the professional me will still be lurking around, ready to pop back out as needed.

Y’know, after the initial shock at the tear, I always get used to the holes in my jeans.  I even like them.  I can’t wear them to work, though.  Starting June 2, that won’t matter.  Each morning, I’ll be enjoying my second cup of coffee in my jammies, and wearing my holey jeans whenever I want–hopefully when I can go out for a “beverage” or two to stay in touch with my “family.”